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 Shira Reiman is a sculptor and installation artist. She creates sculptural environments and individual objects using a wide range of materials such as, Tar, concrete, cypress leaves, fabric, natural bones and more.


Shira was born in Israel and is based in Tel Aviv City. She holds a fine arts BA degree from the Beit Berl College Arts School. 

subjects of power, economy, and oppression are fundamental issues for me, being both Israeli and female; and as such they are centrally positioned in my artistic research and practice. 

This artistic enigma is reflected in the manner in which I curate these objects within each exhibition. These artistic works are accessible through a system of symmetric positioning for each piece. Thus creating a dynamic viewing experience in which an audience member must adjust themselves in relation to the objects viewed; whether one decides to stand upright or lean in closer, the work asks of its viewer to ponder and question passion and human instinct while facing a lacerated and holy tool. This intuitive recognition of shapes and smells raises questions regarding the chasm that exists between “true” survival behaviors that have been embedded since the birth of human kind to those that characterize the modern human.   


The black tar, a principal material within my works, creates a thick opaque patina while appropriating the shape of its coated object and even erasing the pieces’ former identity. Still, the object stays within a state of constant life as a result of the natural reaction of the tar substance to changing temperatures and the touch of one’s hand.  Personally I feel this substance conveys strength and control. 

2020 - 2022  MFA Haifa University
2010 - 2013    B.Ed. Hamidrasha School of visual art, Beit Berl College.

2008 - 2010   Avni Institute of Art and design.

Solo Exhibitions
2020   “A Very Dark Matter”, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hagar Raban.             

2018   “Hachtama”, Collaboration with Hagar Shapira, Hagada Hasmalit, Tel Aviv, Curator: Larisa Miller.             

2016   “Tara”, Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Alina Deckel.

2013   “Queendom”, BA Final Exhibition. Beit Berl,Hamidrasha School of Art.   

Selected Group Exhibitions
2021   “Unpaid Leave”, City Gallery Kfar Saba, Kfar Saba, Curator: Hagar Raban.             
2020   “The Great Siege”, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hagar Raban.             
2019   “The Collectivists - Group Portrait”, Tel Aviv Artist House, Tel Aviv, curator: Orly Hofman.

2018   “Plitim”, The Red House Gallery, curator: Hagar Shapira.

2017   “Israeli Art up to 2018 NIS”, Annual Exhibition of “Hanina” Gallery Artists.

2016   Annual Exhibition of “Hahanut” Gallery Artists, curator: Lee Barbu.             

2016   “Lechol-Nefesh”, As is Gallery, Tel Aviv, curators: Yair Barak and Michal Heiman.

2016   “War Zone”, Artist-Shelter, Shelter project, Tel Aviv, curators: Avinoam Sternheim. and Shira Reiman.

2015   “Secret Art 8”, Leumi bank, Tel Aviv, curators: Esti Drori and Doron Polak.

2014   “StandStill”, Musrara gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, curator: Almog Gez.

2013   “Demilitarized Zone”, Central gallery Tel Aviv, Israel, curator: Doron Furman.

2012  “Heksherim”, Petah Tikva museum of Art, project room. curators: Sigal Barkai and Reut Ferster.

2010   “Video-zine”, Avni Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Hadas Kedar.

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