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Curator: Larisa Miller
Collaboration with Hagar Shapira
Hagada Hasmalit Gallery, Tel Aviv
In this exhibition one can concentrate on the works of the black stain (tar) that creates the act of alienation from one side and appropriation from the other. The tar, in an aggressive act, swallows the object, envelops it and causes it to lose its properties, its external symbols, and its fingerprint. The stain is a memory of action, its byproduct, is what remains of that ritual act in the studio. The images in the works appear as icons and are detached from the context of the environment. The image of the skulls in the works serves as a common basis for life, the opposite of death. the symbol of the palm tree appears as a relation to an existing image, which allows a perspective to the main image. This is a schematic drawing and the artist's main preoccupation is with the materiality and spacing between the objects and images that create a composition on the wall that rebuilds the spaces of the gallery and movement in it. Larisa Miller
Photos by: Lee Barbu
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